New Ohio Theatre presents


AUGUST 8 - 11


Written and Directed by Normandy Sherwood and Craig Flanagin
An Archive Residency First-Look Showing

Featuring: Juliana Francis Kelly and more

Set Design: Yung Oh Le Page
Lighting Design: Christina Tang
Video: David Pym
Music: Sam Kulik and Craig Flanagin
Costumes and Props: Chelsea Collins, Admiral Grey and Normandy Sherwood
Confectionary: Kristin Worrall

Tickets $20 / Students $16
Wednesday - Saturday at 7 PM

A spectacle with music that takes as its jumping-off point the story of Eliza Lynch, an Irish prostitute who, through fate and machination, became de facto Empress of Paraguay in the mid 19th century. Lynch was later reviled for her supposed part in fomenting the war in which 90% of Paraguay's male population was killed, but this show is concerned primarily with Lynch’s other legacy: her doomed project of bringing European high culture to the inhabitants of a country that neither understood nor desired what she offered.

The Drunkard's Wife creates theatrical and musical spectacles with a generous, maximalist design sense and brings experimental music to experimental theater. Their shows are darkly comic, language-drunk, full of reverence for the hand-made, and therefore wholeheartedly feminist and anticapitalist. Helmed by Normandy Sherwood (of The National Theater of the United States of America) and Craig Flanagin (of God is My Co-Pilot and ˝ Japanese), their shows have been seen at Rubulad (Tiny Hornets) Brick Theater (Permanent Caterpillar), New Ohio Theatre (Feather Gatherers), as well as block parties and bookstores and parades all over New York City. www.thedrunkardswife.com

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