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IRT Theater/New Ohio Theatre Launches Residency Program

"There is a lot of freedom and security for the company - that is what we are trying to provide."

-- Robert Lyons on the Archive Residency

Kori Rushton, IRT Artistic Director, and Robert Lyons, New Ohio Artistic Director

Folks gathered for Archive Residency presentation
at New Ohio Theatre

The New Ohio Theatre and IRT Theater, our neighbors in the historic Archive Building, are proud to offer an exciting new programmatic initiative: the Archive Residency.

The Archive Residency offers two select independent theatre companies a two year commitment of space, artistic support, and institutional continuity for the development and presentation of a new work. In other words, a home.

The residency includes two separate engagements in IRT's 3B Development Series and a one-week presentation in New Ohio's OBIE Award-winning Ice Factory summer festival. The residency culminates in the second year with a fully realized, four-week run in the New Ohio's main season.

Past resident companies include
The Mad Ones
and CollaborationTown. The current Archive Residency companies are Vampire Cowboys and Rady&Bloom. Their full productions are scheduled for Spring 2015.

This partnership between New Ohio and IRT helps further establish the West Village's Archive Building as one of the premier destinations for the development and presentation of NYC's best and brightest theatre makers.

The Archive Residency is by invitation only. The best way for us to get to know your work and for you to get to know our work is to be a part of IRT's 3B Development Series and/or New Ohio's Ice Factory and/or invite us to see productions of your work.

The Mad Ones



Photo Credit: Lee Wexler/ImagesforInnovation

The Archive Residency is generously supported, in part, by grants
from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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