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     AUGUST 1 - 4

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A Rady&Bloom world premiere
Words/Direction by Jeremy Bloom
Music/Addt'l Words by Catherine Brookman, Ellen O'Meara, and Joe White
Sound/Addt'l Music by Lucas Segall
Adapted from the 1911 novel by David Belasco

: Catherine Brookman, Tom Hennes, Starr Kwofie, Ellen O'Meara, Brian Rady, Lucas Segall, and Joe White

"In those strange days, people coming from God knows where, joined forces in that far Western land, and, according to the rude custom of the camp, their very names were soon lost and unrecorded, and here they struggled, laughed, gambled, cursed, killed, loved and worked out their strange destinies in a manner incredible to us of to-day. Of one thing only are we sure—they lived!"

     -David Belasco’s epigraph to The Girl of the Golden West

Exploding onto the frontiers of uninhabited California, the only female in the entire Gold Rush town of Cloudy Mountain sets up her saloon. Mythologized in David Belasco's grandiose 1911 novel and canonized as one of the great spaghetti westerns - a play turned-novel-turned-Puccini-extravaganza - this modernized golden paradigm is a new music and soul-filled ode to the unexplored and untouched expanse of our nation’s forgotten periphery, and the baffling potential successes of what could’ve been.

is a play company that creates theater works from scratch led by the collaboration of Jeremy Bloom and Brian Rady. With an inclusive spectrum of mediums and performer backgrounds, Rady&Bloom makes stories using narrative and experimental approaches, blending word, gesture, music, site-specificity and spectacle. Each performance is a celebration and an invocation: party meets epic meets chorale meets ethnography. Past Rady&Bloom collaborations include La Boheme (Spoken), a full length spoken version of Puccini's libretto at The Flea and at The Cell, adapted by Rady, and conceived and directed by Bloom; The Green Knight at 45 Bleecker, an original play by Brian Rady based on the myth of Sir Gawain, directed in pink by Bloom; Anchor Women, an under-the-covers study of television's ladies created by Rady, directed by Bloom; Live Mermaids Live, adapted and directed by Bloom, performed with songwriting by Rady and produced by artparty theater company; and most recently The Orange Person written and developed by Rady&Bloom with banjoist Laura Dunn (returning to NYC by popular demand May 19-26 at IRT).


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