The One Minute Play Festival and New Ohio Theatre present


Presented in Two Series

SERIES A: JAN 23 & 24
SERIES B: JAN 26 & 27

All shows at 8 PM
All tickets $20

The One Minute Play Festival returns to the New Ohio for the 4th New York City Indie Theatre One Minute Play Festival - with part of the proceeds to benefit the New Ohio’s new play and artist residency programming.

This year, presented in two series, The New York City Indie Theatre One Minute Play Festival consists of 80 new one minute plays by 80 established and emerging playwrights who identify as part of the downtown or indie theatre community, prompted by #1MPF’s unique playmaking process.

Featuring Brand New One Minute Plays by:

Series A: Sarah Shaefer, Duncan Pflaster, Elisabeth Ng, Rachael Jenison, Tyler Rivenbark, Bixby Elliot, Amina Henry, Katherine Clark Gray, James Carter, Susan Bernfield, Edmond Malin, Monica Bauer, Jessica Luck, Tim Errickson, Ian Allen, Judith Leora, Stacey R. Rose, Dominic Colon, Maurice Decaul, Paula Pizzi-Black, Migdalia Cruz, Nat Cassidy, Lindsay Joy, Guadalis Del Carmen, David Lawson, Scott Casper, Robin Rothstein, Georgina Escobar, Jona Tarlin, Chris Harcum, Isaac Rathbone, Kari Bentley-Quinn, Nico Grelli, & Ryan M. Fogarty

Directed by: Ana Margineau, Ben Randle, Christine Zagrobelny, Dina Vovsi, Hondo Weiss-Richmond, Jesse Edward Rosboow, Maggie Cino, Patrice Miller, & Philip Emeott

Series B: Heidi Armbruster, Robert Lyons, Alex Rubin, Cara J Francis, Chad Beckim, Jonathan Alexandratos, Julienne Hairston, Gina Femia, Lia Romeo, Joel Kim Booster, Karin Shook, Lisa Huberman, Megan Cohen, Francisco Solorzano, Emily Bohannon, Marco Jo Clate, Azure D. Osborne-Lee, Anton Dudley, Nicole Pandolfo, Libby Emmons, Seth Christenfeld, Nilan, Mrianlini Kamath, Suzanne Bachner, Maggie Bofill, Adam C. Sharp, Matthew Barbot, Julissa Contreras, Nandita Shenoy, Oscar Cabrera, Chisa Hutchinson, Kate Moira Ryan, Roger Nasser, Greg Kotis, & Erica Saleh

Directed by: Andrew Willis-Woodward, Enormvs Muñoz, Francisco Solorzano, Katie Kay Chelena, Kyle Metzger, Lana Russell, Dominic D’Andrea, Nathaniel Claridad, & Roger Nasser

Curated by: Dominic D’Andrea & Caitlin Wees

The One ­Minute Play Festival (#1MPF), is America’s largest and longest running grass roots theatre company, founded by Producing Artistic Director, Dominic D’Andrea. #1MPF is social barometer project, which investigates the zeitgeist of different communities through dialogue, consensus building, and a performance of 50-100 short moments generated by each community. #1MPF works in partnership with theatres and/or social organizations sharing playwright, educational, or community-specific missions across the country. The aim is to create locally sourced playwright-focused community events, with the goal of promoting the spirit of radical inclusion. #1MPF represents playwrights of different age, gender, race, cultures, and points of career. The work attempts to reflect the theatrical landscape of local artistic communities by creating a dialogue between the collective conscious and the individual voice.

For more information visit: oneminuteplayfestival.com
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